Individual Mentoring

I offer two forms of individual mentoring:

The first form is learning about yourself in the face of circumstances or issues that are currently causing you distress or dis-ease. If you want to reduce, eliminate, or transform your distress, or you are seeking essential truths about yourself that will remove the impediments to moving forward with your life, individual mentoring is a constructive direction to take.

The second form of mentoring is designed to engage you in the Perceptual Integration process as presented in my book The Mechanics of Awakening. This is a personalized learning experience that supports you in becoming self-aware and learning how to manage your state of being in the moment of emerging experience. You will be free to move at your own pace in mastering the skills necessary to bring about a shift in consciousness to a new state of being.

This is a structured course of study that will ground you in new concepts and practices that you can apply in your current life and use to give you feedback that will support you in learning about yourself from yourself.

"I've learned how to go within myself and how to handle my fears. I received tangible living skills. I've learned how to stay within myself, to stay calm and centered, even in a crisis. This is deeply spiritual work that supports emergence - the emerging me."

– Pam Swanson
Emergency Room Patient Relations Rep
Los Altos Hills, CA.

Relationship Work

Experience shows us that what is fundamental to relationship is the quality of presence practiced by those involved. In relationships where we are present, we are not only heard, we are received. Each of us desires to be known in this way - to be seen, felt, and understood as we are. When this is accomplished we open willingly and join with another.

With my support, you and your partner will work with each other to create a deeper, safer, more creative and loving state of being between you. My experience of over thirty years of working with couples, as well as creative experiential practices in awareness, will help to enhance the skills you need to experience relationship with consciousness and grace.

When these skills are mutually practiced between you and your partner, they will move you naturally into a deeper union with yourself as well as your partner. From this place of safety you can then enjoy the experience of being separate and joined simultaneously.

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"Gary creates a wonderful arena in which to truthfully explore assumptions and expectations with my partner. Nothing is taboo and at the same time there is always a sense of great care and respect."

– T.S.

“Gary doesn't judge or recommend; he observes, illuminates, and provides guidance. The discoveries Gary helped me make, and the resulting acceptance he fostered for who I am and for who my husband is, has changed my life and our relationship forever."

– B.B.

Workshop, Trainings & Retreats

Opportunities for exploring aspects of the Perceptual Integration learning process are given throughout the year. These are intensive, structured learning experiences that focus on different aspects of the mechanics of awakening process. Working within a group setting with others who share your interest and intention for shifting to a new level of consciousness is always a rewarding experience that only serves to support and accelerate each person’s growth and progress.

Current offerings on the Creative Awareness Project

"Gary is an educator of the soul. The training helped me experience the extraordinary in the ordinary and, through simple yet profound practices, integrate my new awareness into my daily life."

– Sue Ann McKean
4th Dan Aikido Instructor
Enneagram Teacher
Woodside, CA

“After ten-plus years of meditation practice I have finally found something that really works with my life. Gary's way of teaching through hands-on experience sticks with me outside of the classroom and has delivered on my hopes of better managing the good and bad of daily life."

– Randy Salim
Former Director,
Business Development,
Woodside, CA

Mentoring Retreats

2 or More Days Residential Retreats With Ellen Miller and Gary Sherman

Preliminary interview will be required for participants.

In our busy lives, the outer world and our place within it often keep our minds and hearts filled with constant motion. We have little time and space to craft our responses from the wisdom that resides within our still center. To step out of this motion and come to rest, to reconnect with our inner knowing of what is right for us is a creative act of awareness that always brings new energy, direction and meaning to our lives.

In response to this need, Ellen and I offer Mentored Retreats to those who wish to step out of their lives and focus on selected issues of their self-experience.

Given your intentions for your time in retreat, we will together create a structure of experience where you may engage with yourself, as well as with us, to achieve your stated goals.

Some examples of the ways you might use your time with us:

Getting Current

It is often necessary to let go of what you are currently holding on to in order to make room for new inspiration. To clear away the brush from the ground you are standing on allows for a new perception of what is real, and points to where you need to focus your attention.

Transition or Life Change

When moving from one set of circumstances to another, from an old set of beliefs to a new perspective, or leaving behind an old emotional reaction for a new felt response. The ability to accept the confusion that often accompanies transition will open the door to a clearer vision of how to embrace your new reality.

A Forward

Sometimes when we feel stuck and notice the lack of movement around a certain area of our experience, we contract and support the very inertia that we are trying to overcome. A Forward is a conscious nudge from awareness and insight that releases the held energy so that movement occurs.

Deepening the Spirit

It is often a challenge in daily life to maintain and cultivate our deep connection to what sources us. Without giving attention to this relationship, it recedes in awareness and our feeling of being supported in life diminishes. To give structured attention to re-establishing this connection generates a new infusion of energy, insight, inspiration and meaning to our lives.

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