Welcome to The Power of Attention, a self-paced exploration in how to use your attention to know yourself more deeply. This 15-session training will take you on a journey that will explore the pathways that attention takes that gives you your perception of reality and guide you through the shifts in attention that lead to the experience of expanded self-awareness.

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Intro to the Power of Attention

1. Attention Moves With You or Without You

2. Naming Your Experience

3. Where Your Attention Is, You Are

4. Location-Location-Location

5. Choosing Your Focus

6. Finding Yourself In Space

7. Finding Yourself In Time
8. Inside and Outside

9. The Up and Down of Things

10. You Get What You Focus On

11. From Sensation to Sensing

12. Shifting Your State

13. Sensing Subtle Energies

14. Settling Into Wholeness

15. Entering the Field

Feedback from users

“The exercises really helped raise my awareness of where I focus my attention ... oftentimes, my thoughts are admittedly unconsciously driven by circumstances, and it takes concentrated effort to redirect my focus back to me. These practice sessions have given me some new tools to use in accomplishing this.”

“A great tool for busy people to explore the power of your mind in a complex world.”

“This training offered an opportunity to discover some new facets about my mind and how I engage with life on a moment-by-moment basis.”

“A break from my day to focus, center and become more aware - all in about 10 minutes.”

“I like the way distinctions are drawn for each area of awareness. It was not obvious, to me, before this course how important it is to be in the body to be in the moment. That was an “aha” moment for me.”

“I think the content is great - practical and insightful and potentially life changing.”

“A practical step by step guide to learning about human consciousness and tools for heightening awareness.”

“It was extremely helpful in focusing my attention in ways I had not done before. I will continue to use the tools I learned, thank you.”

“I loved the incremental nature of the sessions. One thing that really stood out was developing a vocabulary to guide and reflect on experience. Also, I liked the clear sense of going someplace, and of getting there, both in individual sessions and in the over all course.”